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SCALJE Summary

At SCALJE we design and engineer bespoke software products for the pubic sector.
We have over 20 years of experience in the software design industry specifically aimed at the needs of the public sector.

Our portfolio

  • DatMak: A system used for storing and cataloguing covert video taken by undercover police officers
  • Custody Interview: A collaboration of hardware engineers and software engineers that enabled us to create the custody interview recording suite, pioneering a continuous magnetic tape recording system using 2 tape decks
  • Police Station CCTV recording: Using the same design we used for magnetic tapes we created a system that allowed 24 hour continuous recording of all CCTV cameras inside a police station using a 3 tier VHS magnetic Video Tape system
  • Child Custody Interview Suite CCTV: Using our growing strength in CCTV recording we designed and created a child custody interview suite recording system
  • Promat: A Profile Matching system used to catalogue a database of video images to be used in Video Identification Parades - click... PROMAT WEBSITE for more information
  • MAPS: A Witness Album Profiling system that stores all the images taken in custody and creates a searchable database for use in witness album viewings, case building and crime statistics
  • Vidcap: A Facial Recognition video capture system that captures and catalogues Prisoner Video and still images taken from custody
  • DVD Mastering: A system designed to convert a video identification parade into a DVD playable disc for use in court
  • Maskit Pro: A system that allows officers to pixelate or block out certain facial features on a video or a still image

If you need more information or are just generally interested in anything we do then please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the CONTACT link at the bottom right of this page.